Syncrani is a visual artist agency that specializes in brand imaging.  We provide transitional rebranding imaging through our established photographers, art directors and stylists – putting the best image forward.  As depicted in our company name, SYNCRANI is the relationship that exists when two or more events happen at the same time – the elements of beauty and branding.  Syncrani facilitates the best match between client and artist for each project, this collaboration helps define the visual trends of our times. Our artist work in every aspect of the fashion, advertising, publishing & entertainment industries and they continue to expand into digital and moving images.  Syncrani artist are committed to fostering talent and maintaining its reputation as the premiere full service beauty agency.  Our clients rely upon our reputation for representing the most professional and talented artists in the industry while servicing their imaging needs.

Our Founder

Ernestine Johnson, a Temple University graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry (ACS), brings strong representation to the brand imaging business. She is a true sales rep with a strong intensity for success.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Ernestine’s mission is to be an advocate for visual artists (Directors/Photographers/Stylist) with creative integrity and individual, idiosyncratic vision. With over 17yrs of experience as a model, make-up artist, director’s assistance & stylist assistant, she sees the job of relating with clients as being an articulate creative spokesperson in the entertainment business. Her clients range from new & established production companies to small boutique houses. In this spectrum, she enjoys their flexible thinking, adaptability and trust while forming strong relationships with customers. Ernestine believes in a team ef-
fort on all projects and adores the fact that each artist has their own unique style and they are on the cutting edge of technology & artistic design.


The mission of Syncrani, LLC:

Our mission is to advocate for unique artists with creative integrity; by respecting the artist’s true nature, Syncrani has created successful careers for visual and beauty artists in the editorial, advertising and motion picture industry.

Our Company Values:

Knowledge Sharing: Syncrani artists participate in various outreach programs focusing on youth artistic development.  Artists teach future generations ways of sustainable expression.

Collaboration: The state of two or more events occurring at the same time…that’s SYNCRANI!! And Syncrani is dedicated to having diverse artists working together.

Artist Worth: Superior artistic creativity is the greatest value to Syncrani. The artistic value, once established, is neither discounted nor reduced therefore establishing the artist worth to the industry.

Sustainability: Syncrani’s artists work smarter to incorporate environmentally friendly forms of artistic expression through research, experimental methods & proven results.

Freedom of Expression:  Syncrani respects the artist’s ability to freely express their vision & artistic nature